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This vehicle was professionally designed and engineered with painstaking precision. What you see is the result of four years of hard work and commitment on the part of many designers, engineers, craftsmen and artisans. 
All of our parts have been designed using the latest in 3D CAD modeling.  Each of our components have been tested in a virtual environment with FEA analysis. These processes coupled with CNC machining and fabrication equipment allow us to adhere to more exacting tolerances. We took both pride and pleasure in creating this fine piece of precision machinery. 
The love and passion for what we do is evident in every aspect of this awe-inspiring road machine. From our patented frame design, which is both revolutionary and esthetically pleasing, to the advanced handling and performance characteristics, this machine is truly a joy to own and operate.  This is largely due to its ergonomic design, which revolves around our precision mandrel bent tube frame. We use the latest in laser alignment technology to center and place each frame component within our specialized jig, enabling the vehicle to have optimal handling, performance and ride quality. 
Each component was chosen and designed to become an integral part of the overall design then properly placed according to its function in the overall design concept. Employing this methodology to our design and manufacturing processes allowed us to reach new levels of super high performance and bad-to-the-bone styling, with a comfort and ease of operation that was previously unimaginable. 
Experience the dream.  Experience Apex Trikes.

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